Welcome to the Hijack Generator

In order to generate hijacks some information is required:

  What pattern the two passers are currently juggling
  What throws the two passers can do
(For example, can they throw and catch double passes?)

Please specify these by entering lists of whole numbers, separated by commas.

For more details on what to put in the boxes, look at the frequently asked questions.

Starting pattern: E.g. 7,7,8,6,2 for 6 club why not.

Permitted throws: E.g. 2,6,7,8 for patterns made up of zips, selfs, single passes and heffs.

You can have your output as a spreadsheet (.xlsx file) or as a google sheet. If you want a google sheet, you need to tell me your email.

If you are wondering how to read your output, have a look at the frequently asked questions.

Email: please leave this field alone if you don't want a google sheet!